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Walk by Faith, Not by Sight - 2 Corinthians 5:7

My thinking & wondering face
What are you going to do Lord?

I have been struck by this truth from the Lord more and more as I mature and grow in him. The Lord placed this blog title on my heart earlier this week, I believe, so that I could sit in his truth, meditate on his word and ask him to reveal what he is meaning and how he is growing me in this area. I’ll tell you what, the reflection period has come with deep joy, sorrow, grieving, lamenting, praising and worshipping the Lord all within one day even.


This morning our pastor spoke an encouragement that walking by faith does not always look like a big leap. In fact, the small steps are just as important. It is about saying “yes” to the Lord in whatever he is asking and leading us to do by the power of his Holy Spirit and walking it (whatever “it” is) out.  


This week I went to the musical production of PILGRIM. The story of our lifelong journey with Christ to eternity with our Heavenly Father. The hope we are given by placing our trust in Jesus to walk, one faithful step at a time, on the narrow path to the cross. It is based on the book The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Sidenote, if it comes near you, find a way to go see it!


As I watched the story unfold, it took me back to my very first “yes Lord” about 10 years ago, when I chose to turn away from my sin and into the arms of my loving and forgiving Heavenly Father. I barely knew him but I wanted a life with him. To be his. His child. His daughter. To be cared for and loved unconditionally as blameless and set free from the bondage of sin. I had NO idea what God had in store for me then, but he did and I wanted to find out AND still do!


A place of growth this season for me has been trusting in faith that when I have no idea, and I mean NO idea what the Lord is doing, to rest in the unknown time whether days, weeks, months, or years with him. Surrendering and bolding asking and pleading for him to move the mountains in my heart to full and complete contentment in him.


This morning, I heard in Luke about Mary’s believing faith in the Lord to walk out birthing the Messiah. She had NO idea what had happened or what was to come, but she was a testimony to so many around her as she trusted the Lord.  


I want to be more like Mary. A deep trust and faith in believing in the Lord in everything. That ALL of his word is true. It is to teach me to understand who he is, so that I can obey and take those steps in faith. Not seeing what is to come or how God might use my story in someone else’s life, but trusting he knows what I need right now to prepare me for what is next. All while rejoicing and praising his name no matter what circumstances I am experiencing. You see the Lord doesn’t need me, but he is gracious enough to let me participate in his plan. And for that I am eternally grateful. I am learning how to be real and raw with my Father. To allow for him to work out the ick, so that I can experience the deep sweetness of a life with Christ on this side of heaven as I long to be with my Savior one day.  


Let’s let God get all the glory for our stories. For we have an eternal hope. Now, that is worth every step of walking by faith, not by sight! Right?


It seems simple… Lord help us!

“for we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7




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