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Adventure Junky

Some of you may not know this, but I am a Biker Gal. I love riding! FREEDOM! When the temperature hits 60 and the sun is shining, like today, I’m itchin’ to get on the back of a bike. To go places, to see everything around me, to have the wind blow through my hair (just kidding, this is a dream, because I do wear a helmet when I ride), to go fast (safely). It always triggers a call to my Dad to ask him if he’s on his way out to Colorado. He's usually thinking the same thing.

I love this picture SO much!

My first memory of riding a bike was with my Dad many years ago and from then I was cautiously hooked. It took awhile to be confident and courageous to continue to ride and now I crave it. I won’t get on the back of a bike with just anyone though. There is a level of trust I must have with the one riding. Honestly, I have only ridden with a few people. My Dad and brother being two of the three. You have to be on the lookout and defense at all times.

Ok, Mom was sick with cancer at this time, so she was in her room resting when we went gallivanting throughout the countryside. A little back story, she didn't like Dad riding when we were kids, it made her nervous, so that is why I was much older when I rode with him for the first time. -Back to the confession- In Nebraska, where I grew up, their is a helmet law. My Dad realized he didn't have an extra helmet for my brother and I after we decided we were going on this adventure, SO we got creative. We took a basketball, cut it in half, turned in inside out, cut holes for a strap, and made our very own helmet. You can't even tell, can you? Remember, my Dad is careful and we literally went around the section (for those you not from farm world, that is a square mile). We never did tell my Mom that one. Sorry Mom!

As I was thinking about this fun story, I realized a connection. First of all, I don’t have to be on the back of a motorcycle to have freedom. In fact my freedom comes from knowing Christ alone. What does that mean you ask? In the gospel of John, Jesus tells the Jews that believe in him as the Son of God "...If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (vs 31-32) The more we get into His word, the more we understand our Father and build a trust with Him. That first bike ride with my Dad was when I was in my early 20s. I knew my Dad pretty darn well by then, but still had hesitation, but the more I rode with him, the more comfortable every ride became.

There will be speed bumps along the way. Some big and some small. I don’t know about you, but the speed bumps in life are when I grow the most. I know without a shadow of a doubt, this past year of challenges in 2020 and entering into 2021, I have drawn so much nearer to my Father. I have taken leaps to close doors (business and personal) so that others can open, trusting God’s plan for my life. Every moment with Him is an adventure. But this didn't come without time in the word of God. Seeking Him and His will for my life as well as prayer and seeking wise counsel.

Yep I’m definitely an Adventure Junky (not sure if it's a real term, but if it's not, it is now)! For real though, who is in for the wildest ride of their life? Not on the back of a motorcycle, though awesome, NO, by placing your trust in God by faith alone, making Him the Lord of your life knowing in your heart that you don’t have to DO anything, it is by grace alone that God wants to save you from the chains your sin has bound you up in. He sent his son Jesus to die for all of your sins. The work is complete folks! Isn’t that good news? Time to turn away and turn to Him? I’ll be praying for all who read this post. I’m here for you.

Peace, Love and Motorcycles-


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