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Answered Prayers

Along my bright and sunshiny neighborhood walk today, I started thinking back at all God has done in the past three short months here at my new home. Sidenote, anyone else love that Colorado is so sunny even on the coldest of days?

What struck me is the amount of people that I have already been able to host at my home. One of my prayers when buying my house was that I would have 2 bedrooms for sure and 2 bathrooms, Lord willing, so that family and friends could come and stay when they needed. For short stints and longer stints in time. A place to call "home" no matter the situation. My house is God's house. A place of peace, refuge and rest. I also prayed that I would be able to do this right off the bat financially without needing to have a roommate to help with the mortgage.

Welp, would you believe it! You should, God has showed up in big ways these past three months. He has provided above and beyond financially through my (his really, right?) business. Giving me many people to love and serve through their real estate transactions AND he has brought friends and family from near and far to visit and stay.

This girl, Krystina, stayed with me for a week in November and just one month later, God brought her back to bless my socks off. It was so fun to have a roommate for a few weeks to eat meals with, pray with and go have some fun with!

Right as soon as I moved in, two of my best friends, Christin and Yolanda, from Iowa and Nebraska made the long drive out for a short 12 hours to see me, hug me, eat yummy breakfast and organize my kitchen. They didn't even flinch. They called, I said "yes" and they were on their way. Well, might have been a little trickier than that because of their fantastic Tesla rental car experience, but they didn't let that stop them.

Before Thanksgiving, my Dad and Connie couldn't wait to come and see my new house. They came out to stay. To see me in work mode and enter into my life. They have encouraged and cheered me on for years. It was so fun to have them here. They blessed me with many plants and a few other very special gifts to make it more like home.

I can't forget that it was also used as sort of an Airbnb the other weekend when my brother's family and I switched houses so I could hold Open Houses at his home. So creative you are God!

I am blessed beyond measure. "Oh, how great is Your goodness, which you have laid up for those who fear You, which You have prepared for those who trust in You in the presence of the sons of men!" - Psalm 31:19

I would encourage you to read Psalm 31 in its entirety. Oh, how good God's word is. This time of year can be discouraging because of circumstances and life experiences, but GOD. His word reminds us how near He is and how much He is on our side through EVERYTHING! He sees you, He loves you, He cares for you. He wants to hear from you and save you from yourself. Fear God! When you do, you WILL experience his abundant goodness because your relationship is strengthened.

"Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!" - Psalm 31:24

Observation. I have never noticed how many exclamation points are in this chapter alone. Do you think God is excited to share His truth with you? I sure do! Sit back, relax and let it all soak in. Enjoy reflecting on what prayers God has answered in your life in the recent past. Write them down. Record them. Praise him. Sing. Dance. Shout his praises! Tell someone. His testimony in your life WILL encourage someone else. I promise! Share in the comments please. I would love to praise our good good Father with you!

May you know the true reason for this season, JESUS!



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