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Do More of What you LOVE

Writing my thoughts down. Telling my story. Encouraging others is what I love to do!
Doing what I LOVE

Saturday morning thoughts. Blog thoughts. I am wanting and desiring to be more consistent with writing. Would you like to read more frequent posts from me? I’m curious. I would love to hear from you. I value your thoughts and opinions. As one of my followers, I want to take into consideration your thoughts as you encourage me along the way.

Now, this is for you writers out there like me or really anyone who is wanting to start or ramp up a hobby, love or passion you might have. These are words of wisdom I have learned from others. It takes faith to take steps forward.

“He said to them, Because of your little faith. For truly I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.” -Matthew 17:20

Wise writers have told me to BLOCK out a section of time or times to sit and write each week even if I don’t have content in mind. I used to write on Friday mornings but that hasn’t been working for me lately and Saturday mornings seem to be open and quiet right now, so here it goes. Side note, this is a good reminder we are not robots and though we really do function well in routine and schedule, those routines and schedules should be reviewed and edited as life circumstances and patterns change.

I have also been encouraged to find a PLACE to write. Some of us need to get out of our house. Some need a quiet place. Some like music and noise. Some like indoors, some outdoors. No matter the place, make sure it is somewhere you enjoy. I personally don’t do well writing when there is a lot of noise around me, so I usually write in the middle of the night when there are absolutely no distractions with pure silence or on my deck in the mornings when my thoughts are clear and the world around me hasn’t woke up yet.

The third piece of advice I am practicing this morning as I write is… getting rid of DISTRACTIONS! This is so very hard to do, isn’t it? I believe that is why the where and when are so important. Establishing a routine will help with self-control. There is always the temptation to go down another thought path, respond to a text, finish a chore, fill in the blank, the list is endless. What I am discovering is that when I am focused and fully pouring into my writing, I experience so much more joy. And guess what? The time it takes to get my thoughts down is so much less and so much purer than when I allow for distractions to be created in my mind and space.

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” -Proverbs 25:28

This is real and raw folks. I do not have these things mastered. I always write from a place of “in process.” Things God is working on or out in me. I want to share so that we can walk the journey together. For you to be encouraged and know you are not alone.

I don’t think we ever arrive, because God is continually at work in us, but we can practice, cheer, and ask for accountability in the areas of struggle. And then experience the sweetness of the Lord as we grow and see progress.

SO, what have you been wanting to try out? Wanting to get started? What do you love doing that you have not had time for or taken the time for? Not everything is for “right now” but if there is something you have wanted to begin or continue growing, can you take these three steps toward growth in the next week?

· BLOCK out a time to do what you love

· Find a special PLACE to enjoy what you love

· Turn off the DISTRACTIONS

Keep me posted. I would love to hear what God presses on your heart and what you are stepping into.

~Blessings to you on your journey,


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