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How to Maximize Your Next Conference Experience

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

In my experience, a conference is as valuable as you make it. This past week, I was in Las Vegas at the Leading RE Companies of the World Conference. “How was your conference,” many have asked? I excitedly have shared that it was a sweet combination of great education, networking and fun! Now, that is a conference worth investing in, right?

Here is what I am learning in all aspects of life, it's my perspective that makes or breaks the experience. Were their things at the conference that were not helpful for me? Or challenges with the details of travel? Or…or? Yes, however, there were so many more parts to the experience that outweighed the not so helpful or negative ones. It was at our daily breakfast of champions and afternoon walks along the strip with my Managing Broker and friend, Sarah Tyler, where we recentered our thoughts and experiences to the positive!

This, my friends, is how you maximize your conference experience. Prepare your mind and heart to receive what is most helpful at the time. This conference was loaded with tons of great information and 1000’s of people to meet. If I would have gone in thinking I was going to grasp everything and meet everyone, I probably would have been so paralyzed, I wouldn’t have even gone. Instead, I set a goal to go to 80% or more of the sessions in which the subjects piqued my interest in the luxury real estate market, an area of real estate I am growing in and learning about. I got to hear from experts all across the world, including my company’s CEO, Gretchen Rosenberg, about the most relevant and valuable luxury real estate market information.

I walked away with nuggets of information and fun stories to tell about up-and-coming trends in real estate. Folks, remember that wallpaper I talked about in my last blog at the Edwards House? It’s making it’s way back! Hallelujah! And bronze and gold. Plus tons of colors. Is anyone else excited? We also heard from economists with a local and global perspective. Let me know if you have any questions. I took great notes!

Then I asked myself, “who do I want to network with?” I decided I would like to network with people who I connect with at a deeper level, so more than a one-minute conversation and a pass of a business card. I was able to come home with great contacts for folks from around the country who I can call upon hopefully for years to come.

This network of companies and REALTORS allows for me to be a resource for all the people in my life who have friends and family in need of a REALTOR all across the world. All you have to do is give me a call and I will do the work getting your friends and family connected with someone who has the values and professionalism they desire in an agent.

Last but not least, before I left, my Dad text me to tell me to have some fun too! So I did! The last evening of the conference was at a nightclub with good food and a rockin’ dance party! I had run into an old friend, Nathan Moseley, of mine I taught will nearly 17 years ago earlier in the day from Omaha, NE. Thanks to his colleagues who took time to talk with me and asked great questions only to find out I used to work with Nathan. Crazy right? You see you never know who you are going to meet or see or the connections that can be made if you take time to be intentional. Slow down and be present. We all had a great time dancing to some seriously awesome mixed music! Let’s just say my lower back was a bit sore the next morning, but my heart was full and I went home with more great Nebraska friends! “Foot loose and fancy free” as my Mom always said, or at least I think it was my Mom who said that! Ha! Thanks for the advice Dad!

Remember to take things one bite at a time and enjoy the journey! Be intentional and have some fun! Challenges will come. Distractions will come. Negativity is right around the corner, but it’s how we approach each situation that determines the outcome. Be The Light! Keep shining bright!


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