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Mother's Day Blessing to You!

On this Mother’s Day 2022, I woke up with this message on my heart, so it must be one to share. Let’s start with how grateful I am for all the mothers God has placed in my life for seasons, for days, for moments, for years and for a lifetime.

I pray that all mothers near and far would know deep in their hearts how loved and appreciated they are whether having children of their own, being a mom for a short moment in time or mothering many children along the way that are not even biologically theirs.

It’s so important to have sweet moms in our lives to speak truth to us, to laugh with, to cry with, to point us in the right direction, to hug us, to love us when we don’t feel loveable, to encourage us, to grieve with us and to laugh with us, oh did I already say that? Ha!

For someone whose earthly mother has passed away, I write to those who may be having a hard time today. This celebration day can and has come with many tears and that is OK. I pray that over the years more and more gratitude for ALL the Moms in your life and all the children God has placed in your path would grow. Let us love you, cry with you, and hug you. Thank you Lord for making and creating such sweet Momma’s in this world.

Happy Mother’s Day – May you be richly blessed!

* Photo credit goes to the BEST Stepmom anyone could ever ask for, Connie. Around Mother's Day every year, she so selflessly and humbly sends me pictures of the tulips my Mother plants many many years ago. It is one of the many things I love about her! Thanks Connie

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