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Prayer is Powerful

How powerful is prayer? Today as I reflect on the little things that I say out loud I realize, really I’ve always known, how sweet it is when the Lord answers things in such small and tender ways. The other thing that I was thinking about is how incredibly blessed I am to have the opportunity to pray for others. When people reach out and ask for prayer or in the quietness of my house or my work or within my friend groups God reminds me to talk to him.

Now prayer doesn’t mean that I always say and talk out loud. Sometimes it means I say it in the quietness of my own heart or sometimes I sing and dance and pray and praise it out. Sometimes I pray through tears. Sometimes I even pray through anger and frustration.

*Thank you Community of Grace church for this blessed reminder this morning!

I want to encourage you to start somewhere. One word, one scripture, one shimmy. I have to tell you in this season, when there are so many things up in the air and unknown for me, I have this incredible peace in my heart, I say to my God, "thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for hearing my cries and thank you for meeting me where I am, giving me the peace only you can give me that surpasses all understanding through the hearts and minds of those who love you." (Phil 4:7)

When I maybe think I am away from things or being separated, I realize God has a purpose for me right here right now and I trust that. His timing is perfect. I know that. I stand firm believing that. Especially when thoughts come my way and turn my mind to things that might make me think that I’m off the path. I can trust that even if I am, God will steer me back. As long as I take one faithful step at a time. Even if that is as simple as getting up. Doing laundry. Vacuuming. Reading a story to my niece. Calling a good friend. Closing a deal. Whatever it is, whatever your ordinary and your normal is, it matters in the kingdom of God. God sees you God cares about you God loves you and so do I.

-Blessings, Andrea

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