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Reflections of a Good Full Day

piano keys dancing on the keyboard

It is raining still.

The night is quiet.

So peaceful, so gentle.

Makes me think of a piano song titled “Reflections” from when I was a young girl.

So delicate and soft.

Raindrops dancing like the keys on the keyboard.

Was an early start to the day.

Sweet morning drive holding hands.

Thankful for a grocery store stop so I could pull off a joke.

Amazing day in the classroom.

A morning full of joy and smiles.

A few tears of emotions that hit from the beauty as I am falling more in love with it all.

Met new and caught up with others I had met before.

So welcomed and loved.

Thoughts of a classroom again.

That look only a child gives (tear).


Errand running with an extra set of hands.

Successful shopping.

More laughs on the way home.

Yummy Chipotle.


Short nap.

Movie night snuggles, tickles and wrestles. Great combo.

Prayer time.

Good night hugs.

Soft rain.

Waves and blowing kisses across the alley.

Pinch me, am I dreaming?

So good. You are so good Lord.

Good night.

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