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Beauty Surrounds

Look around, what do you see? Feel? Hear? Taste?

The mountains tall with snow caps.

Piano music echoing the walls.

Worship in my heart.

Songs on my tongue.

Sun shining down on me. Vitamin D.

Clear blue skies.

A cool breeze to bring attention to trees, leaves and grasses still standing as fall comes to an end.

Traffic noise in the distance, mild. Enough to remind me of people traveling from place to place.

Movement and stillness all at once.

Peace in my heart.

Children’s voices from afar. Grandpa’s loving words of warning.

Green grass. Yellow leaves. Rocks and dirt.

Deep deep breaths.

Hot coffee all day long.

Rest for my soul.

Words of encouragement from the Lord.

Prayers for and from your people.






And laughter.

Song and dance.

Beauty surrounds.

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