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Take Time to Connect

The first page of my new journal
First page perfection

It's funny as a I start writing in a new journal the little perfectionism pops up in me. God has softened me and helped to let go of a lot of the control and perfectness that I used to strive for but it's still there. Just a little bit. It took me a few minutes to start writing because I wanted the first page to look pretty.

Each new journal comes with new rhythms. Silly things like the pages of this journal are wider. The spacing is larger. How fun!

I love that the Lord was in the midst of the timing and sweetness of picking this new journal out. I usually have a stack of journals to pick from when it comes time to start a new one, but my stack has dwindled. The last journal I wrote in was one of the last of the stack and it was pretty skinny. I went for it but it didn't last very long. The cover was pretty flimsy, so I found myself frustrated at times with out a hard surface to write on. So in reflecting, I decided I wanted bigger pages, more pages and a harder cover.

I took a little trip to Aurora, CO to spend a few days with my brother and his family a week or so ago. On my drive down, I actually had the thought that maybe my sister-in-law and I could sneak away to explore Target and get a little time together maybe even find a new journal.

Picked out my new journal with my niece.
"This is the one Aunt Andrea"

As it all unfolded, I actually got a little date with my niece instead. She was so excited to help me pick out a new journal. She loves writing, drawing, coloring and she LOVES soft things, like this cover, just as much as I do.

Why am I telling this story? Because I believe God cares about all of the little and big things. Sometimes we do just need to "do" things or get them "done." Like the dishes. But even the dishes provide an opportunity to teach littles skills, to pray for others while we work and to serve one another. I could have just run to the store and picked out a journal on my own, but because I waited and went with my niece, I got to witness her excitement and joy when she saw and felt the softness of the cover. "This is the one Aunt Andrea!" And now when she sees me writing in it, she will have a connection because she got to help me pick it out.

We are all created for connections, relationships and community. Let's let each other in. It might seem or feel like an extra step but believe me, actually believe God, it has eternal value as we make these connections, plant seeds and live life together.

Skipped a few pages of my new journal.
God's got a great sense of humor!

I have to laugh! Ha! In trying to start this journal out beautifully, two pages stuck together so I have two full blank pages between page 1 and page 2 of this entry. O Lord, you have such a great sense of humor. Laughing out loud here!

In closing, I want to encourage you to take time to connect with those around you. The ones you love and the ones you don't know so well. Take a leap of faith to invite someone "in" to your daily life this week. There is purpose in everything we do if we are "doing" unto the Lord.

Blessings my friends,


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