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Peace in the Process

My brother asked me the sweetest question yesterday. “Anj, what is the first thing you are going to do when you move into your new house?” I knew the answer. I could hardly let him finish his question before blurting out, “I’m going to unpack my awesome new French press (the one he and his family gave me last year for my birthday that I only used a few times before it got packed away) and make a delicious cup of coffee. Then I am going to sit on my patio and drink it, slowly, enjoying every sip. Reflect. Give thanks. Just be. For I know my heart will be overflowing with immense gratitude for the home I get to call mine, for now.

Wow! I have emotions even writing this. From the deep considerate question my brother asked to the flood of gratefulness in my heart that God, my Father has provided a home to call home for me. The work HE has done in my heart to trust him. To have faith in the unknown. To be completely at peace in the waiting and enjoy this most beautiful season living with my family.

Oh Lord! Thank you so much! Your love endures forever. Your plans are truly greater than anything I could even think or imagine!

And don’t you worry friends, I won’t have any trouble finding my French press. I know exactly where it is. I specifically labeled the box “All Things Coffee” when I packed it up over a year ago.

I pray this is an encouragement to your heart today. To keep pressing (ha, pun intended) into God’s word, his truth, and community, to know him deeper so through whatever trial, circumstance, faith stretching season you are in, you indeed will experience his peace.

Much love to you all!

God bless,


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