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A little note of encouragement today

I found myself struggling one morning a couple of months back. I was driving to work with an overwhelm of sadness. At first, I tried to talk myself out of being sad. To get over it. To push through and then I realized I needed to “feel” my feelings. To cry. To let it go. Do you ever have those days or moments? Maybe it’s anger. Maybe it is bitterness. Maybe it’s regret. Maybe it’s grief. What I was reminded of is that it’s OK to not be OK. Jesus cried. He wept. He had real emotions. We all do. The story goes on. I prayed and asked God to help me move through my emotions today in his most perfect timing and with his help. Wow, did he show up.

I stopped by the coffee shop to grab and coffee and as I was leaving, I asked the barista how she was doing. She said ok. She asked me. I told her I was having a hard morning and then asked if there was something specific that happened in her life. She shared that she had just broke up with her boyfriend and was fighting tears back all morning. Wow! God, what an opportunity to be loved and love someone. We shared a bit about our stories. Our struggles and then encouraged each other. I will pray for her and hope to see her again, but if not, I know that she was in my path and I in hers for a purpose today.

Fast forward to this past Friday. I stopped by that same coffee shop and as I went to the door, I hoped I would see her again. And sure enough, she was the barista taking orders. I called her by name and reminded her of mine. We remembered each other and our hurts. We both checked in with one another to find time had healed for both of us. I'll be back. I know there is more to this story. Even if it's a check in once in awhile to say hello and let her know she is seen. Never underestimate the power of connections, big or small, long or short. Take time to look around and see the people in your path today. Maybe today is the day you break out of your shell and talk to a stranger. Not because of you but because of them. Let me know how it goes!

I'm always here to cheer you on and let you know I see you!

With much love,


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