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Tried Something New in Old Town Fort Collins

Writing from staycation headquarters here in Old Town Fort Collins. The Edwards House is a must stay! A historic bed and breakfast right on the corner of W Mountain Ave and N Meldrum St. A front porch to catch the sun rays of the day. Huge windows for all the natural light you can grab. Peace throughout. Best staff ever. I was greeted with the most tender care.

Real estate fun fact. Alfred Edwards had this house built in 1904 for $6,000. Can you even imagine? This was just above the average for home prices in the early 1900s. With house prices where they are today, it seems quite impossible, doesn’t it?

Can the details of this home be any more exquisite? This morning, I was staring at the ceiling in the dining room. What an intricate pattern. I did learn this is a neo-classical architecture style home. I had to look that up. A lot of buildings in the US, especially government buildings, were built with this architectural design. The big square south windows are a signature. Simple geometric forms.

Side note, I love wallpaper. I know everyone keeps telling me what a challenge it is to take it off, so I say, let’s keep it and bring it back! The wallpaper in here is classic and stunning and it sparkles. The trim work is one of a kind. And of course, decorated so simply throughout. I wonder what it would have been like to live here as a kid?

My something new. I know, I’m getting there. Oh wait, I guess I have two something news, plural. I am staying at a bed and breakfast for the very first time ever and I made my first cup of pour over coffee my friends. With directions written out, and pictures I might add, and a few tips from the staff, I took the plunge and did it. I am sure I will not be recruited for any barista jobs anytime soon, but I have to say, it was fun! The experience. The pace, slow. To wait and see and then enjoy. I might just make another later today. Off to find some good food! I’m really enjoying my home city this weekend. So much to discover. Ta-ta for now!

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